Does a Hysterectomy Remove the Cervix? Complete Review

Does a Hysterectomy Remove the Cervix

Does a Hysterectomy Remove the Cervix? There are many misconceptions and questions surrounding the topic of hysterectomies, one of the most common being, “Does a hysterectomy remove the cervix?” This is a crucial question, as it influences the aftercare, potential risks, and potential benefits of the procedure. To help you better understand, this comprehensive guide … Read more

Exploring Hemangioma on Cervix: Understanding, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Hemangioma on Cervix

Discovering a hemangioma on cervix can be a concerning experience for any woman. This rare condition, characterized by a benign tumor composed of blood vessels, can cause discomfort and potentially lead to complications during pregnancy or childbirth.In this article, we will delve into the realm of hemangiomas on the cervix, exploring their causes, symptoms, and … Read more

Medication to Dilate Cervix for IUD: Everything You Need to Know    

Medication to Dilate Cervix for IUD

Medication to Dilate Cervix for IUD? When you want to perform certain medical treatments or procedures, like a surgical termination or IUD insertion, your health care provider may suggest that you dilate your cervix. Cervical dilating is a procedure that widens the cervix – the lower half of the female uterus – to enable easier access. The … Read more

What is Parakeratosis of cervix | FERTILITY FORTUNE

Parakeratosis of cervix

Before going in depth of parakeratosis of cervix we must understand what parakeratosis actual is? Parakeratosis is a condition in which the surface layer of the skin or mucous membrane accumulates a thick layer of dead skin cells. This condition can occur in various parts of the body, including the cervix. Parakeratosis of the cervix … Read more