Fort Worth fertility clinic misused sperm in IVF treatment, lawsuit alleges

misused sperm in IVF treatment

According to a Tarrant County lawsuit, a North Texas couple claims that a Fort Worth fertility clinic used in vitro fertilization techniques that were unsuccessful with the wrong sperm. After a DNA test revealed that Derek was not their biological father, Camille Bryan and Derek Bryan sued Dr. Robert Kaufman of Fort Worth Fertility.

 February 8th, the medical malpractice lawsuit seeks $1 million in damages for mental and  physical pain, and for medical expenses. Kaufman did not reply to a Thursday request for comment. According to the lawsuit, Kaufman was contacted by the couple to help them start a family in 2015. They also had successful embryo transfers in 2016-2018. Camille had a boy and then a girl.

The lawsuit claims that the fertility clinic mishandled the samples of sperm and used an unidentified donor to fertilize Camille. Attorney Tommy Hastings stated that the Bryans believed that the medical community would help them to start a family. But instead, they were placed in an “unthinkable” situation. The statement was made. “No family should ever experience the confusion and heartache that comes with losing their trust like this.” Adding to the couple’s misery, the lawsuit claims that Camille had a hysterectomy in 2021.Hastings stated that the case highlights the importance of following strict protocols for protecting families who undergo IVF. This includes proper labeling, identification, and verification of the samples.

In vitro fertilization was used to produce more than 73,000 children in 2020. However, the procedure is costly. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology estimates that one round of IVF can cost between $10,000 and $15,000 in the United States.

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