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This blog post has been written by the student researcher, and details of how to participate can be found at the bottom of this post. Verity have sighted the ethics approval granted for this study.

My name is Mary Hayward, I am an MSc Health Psychology student at Aston University. As part of my dissertation, I am undertaking a research project to investigate people’s experiences of healthcare for their PCOS. My project will focus on health-related quality of life and patient satisfaction, comparing a group of people who receive care for their PCOS from their GP practice with a group of people who receive care for their PCOS from a PCOS clinic. My interest in PCOS comes from personal experience, and concern around the lack of research in women’s health.  

My project aims to explore whether the type of care people receive for their PCOS, GP versus specialist outpatient clinic, has an impact on their levels of patient satisfaction and PCOS-related quality of life. The data gathered from this project will hopefully contribute to the evidence base and conversation around how the NHS can best deliver effective care for people with PCOS, as well as areas of further research. The publication of the Women’s Health Strategy in 2022 has highlighted some of the inequalities in healthcare for conditions that predominantly or exclusively affect women. For evidence-based care to improve, more evidence is needed for the types of care that improve the management of conditions and improve quality of life.

The study involves an online questionnaire that should take 20-30 minutes to complete. If you would like to find out more or are interested in taking part, please contact Mary Hayward (

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