WHO: Sweeteners linked to cancer in young people risk of CRC for younger age; PCOS and ovarian Cancer

PCOS and ovarian Cancer

According to the World Health Organization, its cancer research division has determined that aspartame (the widely used artificial sweetener) is “possibly toxic for humans.” (Reuters)

The results of a large case-control matched study have identified seven factors that are associated with sporadic colon cancer among younger men. ( Cancer Prevention Research )

The polycystic syndrome increases a woman’s risk of developing ovarian postmenopausal ovarian cancer. International Journal of Cancer

The combination of a five-drug combo and stem cell transplant improved the 30-month survival rate in “ultra-high risk” multiple myeloma by 50% compared to a standard treatment regimen. The Institute for Cancer Research

Agios Pharma announced that in phase II trials, both doses met the primary outcome of response to hemoglobin for sickle cell anemia.

Nkarta reported that in phase I of a dose-finding trial, its allogeneic, off-the shelf CAR-NK-cell therapy NKX101 with cytarabine-lymphodepletion had achieved complete response in four out six patients who were relapsed/refractory AML.

Genmab and AbbVie have announced that the bispecific T-cell antibody Epkinly (epcoritamab) has produced an 82% overall response rate in phase I/II patients with Relapsed/Refractory Follicular Lymphoma.

In an age of expensive drugs, the shortfall of two chemotherapy agents costing $15 to $25 can mean life or death for cancer patients. The New York Times

A shutdown in India due to quality control issues has eliminated about half of the U.S. The cancer drug cisplatin is currently at critical short supply. (Washington Post)

A single dose of the experimental monoclonal anti-Notch antibody before stem cell transplant was shown to prevent graft-versus host disease. ( Penn Medicine and Science Translational Medicine )

Cancer outcomes are worse for patients with unmet support-care needs. ( JAMA Network)

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