Can Hitting the Cervix Cause Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy?

Can Hitting the Cervix Cause Miscarriage

If you’re pregnant, those routine things in your daily routine can be dangerous. The most frequently asked question is whether sexual contact especially touching the cervix when the sex phase, may result in the miscarriage of a woman in early pregnancy. This article will provide an understanding of the issue, focusing on the function of the cervix when pregnant and the consequences of sexual behavior, and the factors that increase the likelihood of miscarriage.


The process of pregnancy brings with it a variety of change, not just to your body but to your daily routine. There is a normal tendency to ask questions regarding what’s considered safe and what’s safe, particularly with regard to sexual activities. Do you think that hitting your cervix while having an sexual activity cause a miscarriage? Let’s look into the research and debunk some beliefs about this topic.

The Role of the Cervix in Pregnancy

The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus that connects it with the vagina is a crucial part of the pregnancy. It serves as a wall to keep the fetus in place until the time comes for the birth of 1.. If the cervix expands too quickly the risk of preterm delivery and miscarriage. 2..

Impact of Sexual Activity on Pregnancy

The majority of times the sexual activity in pregnancy is secure and is not at a possibility of leading to a miscarriage 3 4. The cervix becomes extremely flexible and tender during pregnancy and although it could bleeding after intercourse, it typically isn’t a reason worry. 5..

In some cases the sexual activities can result in complications like cervical incompetence that may result in premature birth or miscarriage. It’s essential to perform sexual intimacy in a safe and secure manner during the pregnancy 6..

Understanding Miscarriage

The term “miscarriage” refers to the sudden termination of pregnancy within it reaches the 20th week. Many factors could trigger the miscarriage. These include genetic abnormalities in the chromosomes, illnesses, as well as life-style factors 7..

The uterus, or the cervix may also result in miscarriages. In particular, a weakness in the muscles may cause the cervix become open early during the pregnancy process, resulting in an unplanned miscarriage 8.. This is generally caused by an illness that is underlying and not due to touching the cervix while having an sexual activity.


Fear of inflicting damage to your baby could cause anxiety during pregnancy. But, it’s essential to be aware that in the majority of situations, sexual activity that involves hitting your Cervix while having an affair, does do not trigger the miscarriage. Make sure to consult your medical physician if there are concerns. Be aware that every pregnancy is unique and knowing your specific situation is essential to ensure an uninvolved pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does striking the cervix in intercourse can cause misscarriage?

In most situations it is not the case that hitting the cervix while in an interaction does not lead to an unintended miscarriage.

What purpose plays the cervix during the pregnancy process?

 The cervix serves as a barrier protecting the baby from being sucked into the uterus until it’s ready to give birth.

Does the sexual act cause bleeding in pregnancies?

Yes, the cervix may bleed following an intimate relationship during pregnancy, however this should not be an issue to be concerned about.

What could trigger an unplanned pregnancy?

Various factors could cause miscarriages, such as chromosomal anomalies, medical issues, as well as problems regarding the cervix or uterus.

Is sexual activity safe during pregnancy? 

The majority of times it is not a problem to engage in sexual activities in pregnancy. It’s still important to perform safe and enjoyable sexual activity.

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