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This post has been provided by the research student, please approach them directly with questions or to take part. This research will help a PCOS research student with their dissertation.

Hi, my name is Charlotte Laing and I am a third year Human Geography student at Durham University.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with PCOS. To manage my symptoms I was given the usual advice of making “healthy food choices” and “physical activity” an integral part of life. No big deal, I thought, except I am a sweater – that means I perspire even at the thought of lacing up my trainers. Does this, I wonder, happen to others living with PCOS? Does this, I wonder, hold some of you back? Are there any tips and tricks to overcoming the challenges of exercising when you live with a long-term hormonal imbalance?

PCOS is poorly understood and to many it is poorly explained. So for my dissertation I would like to find out more, in particular about the impact of exercise and ways, or spaces (as we geographers say) in which this impact can be helped or hindered.  Are you able to spare a few valuable minutes?

What would be involved?

Completing an on-line questionnaire and for some, a semi-structured interview.


Many living with PCOS feel that although they have a medical diagnosis, they live alone and ashamed of their social challenges. Of course, we all need to move more but for some of us this is really tough and PCOS can really shape the person you become. By sharing our experiences, however, I believe we will come to understand ourselves better, be more motivated and able to overcome daily challenges.

By researching I hope to improve knowledge and self-care and de-stigmatise the shame and embarrassment some of us experience when trying to exercise.

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