The Amazing Benefits Of Spearmint tea


Have you ever wondered why so many people recommend spearmint tea? Although spearmint is delicious, it doesn’t stop there! Let’s take a closer look at the top benefits of drinking spearmint tea (and why organic spearmint is one of the key ingredients in our powerful hormone balance and fertility blend Cysterhood tea!)

Relieve your digestive symptoms

Got some indigestion, nausea, bloating or gas? Spearmint tea might be able to help relieve those symptoms naturally.

Spearmint contains a compound thatreduces muscle contractions in your gut. This may be why drinking spearmint tea can soothe your tummy grumbles away.

To try this, brew yourself spearmint tea whenever you experience digestive symptoms and drink 1-2 cups per day. 

Support your blood sugar balance

Do you struggle with high blood sugar levels or insulin resistance? Spearmint tea may be able to help.

At this stage, there are no human studies. Butseveral animal studies have found that spearmint can significantly lower blood sugar levels in those with high blood sugars.Spearmint contains several compounds known to have hypoglycaemic (blood sugar reducing) effects.

This could be particularly useful for women with PCOS, as insulin resistance is often a big concern.

Aid in stress relief

Feeling stressed? The answer might be in your tea cup. Spearmint has been traditionally used in South American to treat stress and insomnia. 

Spearmint leaves contain menthol, which has a relaxing effect on the body. It’s theorised that spearmintstimulates GABA, a calming brain chemical. Someanimal studies have found that spearmint can decrease anxiety and improve sleep.

Plus we all know that taking time out to brew a cup of tea and sip it is a calming ritual in itself. So that makes it the ideal combination! 

Aim for 1-2 cups per day to feel calm and collected, although you may wish to increase your dose if you’re having a stressful day.

Reduce facial hair in women

If you experience hirsutism – dark, coarse hair on your face, chest or abdomen – spearmint tea may be able to help.

Spearmint has been used as a herbal remedy for unwanted hair growth in Middle Eastern countries for centuries, and now we’re starting to uncover the reason why. High levels of androgens (male hormones) are linked to hirsutism in women, and spearmint tea may help to reduce these androgens.

One study found that women with PCOS who drank two cups of spearmint tea per day for 30 days reported a reduction in facial hair. However, it may take longer to see significant changes in facial hair, so I suggest trying 2 cups per day for 3 months.

Support hormonal balance & reduce high testosterone

Spearmint tea is one of the star players when it comes to managing PCOS naturally. This is because it can help to bring your hormones back into balance by reducing elevated testosterone levels.

One study found thatdrinking spearmint tea twice per day for a month saw a significant reduction in testosterone. So something as simple as popping on the kettle twice per day could add up to significant benefits for women with PCOS! 

Remember, our hormones love consistency – that’s why I recommend a minimum of 3 months if you want to work on your hormone balance.

Reduce hair loss in women

Hair thinning and hair loss in women is often caused by high androgens, particularly testosterone. In fact, it was one of my first clues that I had PCOS –you can learn more about my journey with hair loss here.

But the good news is that balancing out our hormones and reducing excess androgens can relieve this hair loss. And how can we do that? With 1-2 cups of spearmint tea per day!

Reduce acne

Another unpleasant symptom that comes along with hormone imbalances is acne. There are many potential contributors to acne, but a common one for women is high androgen levels. Androgens such as testosterone play increase the production of sebum, which can lead to acne breakouts.

This means that if your acne is caused or exacerbated by high androgen levels, drinking spearmint tea and reducing excess testosterone could help clear up those breakouts.

Spearmint tea is a refreshing beverage to add to your day. But as we’ve seen, it may also offer a host of health benefits, particularly for women with hormone imbalances. 

Where to get it?

Spearmint tea is an incredible herb to add to your hormone balancing routine, just make sure you stick to the highest quality and 100% organic to ensure there are no nasty hormone disrupting chemicals used to grow and product it!

Also please note spearmint tea is NOT the same as peppermint tea, and does not have same benefits!

I have had such incredible results using traditional organic herbs such as spearmint myself, that it is now one of the key ingredients in my all natural powerful hormone balancing Cysterhood tea! 

You can read the hundreds of reviews for Cysterhood tea and the many incredible women it has helped here. 

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